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First U.S. Colony and Cannabalism

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The first U.S. colony seems to have suffered from cannibalism from lack of food. This video goes more in depth. A forensic anthropologist from the Smithsonian weighs in.

Syrian Chemical Weapons Assessment

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Far Cry 3 Trailer

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Steampunk: Awesome Fashion Footwear

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Why not get a pair of Steampunk boots to complement your Steampunk outfit? Today, there is a wide range of effective and stylish Steampunk-style boots that are designed to for every walk of life, and to accommodate a ...

Wildfire East of Los Angeles

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A wildfire erupted East of Los Angeles and has burned through more than 2000 acres of land.

Many People Still Missing After Texas Explosion

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Many individuals are still missing today after the blast that rocked the small town of West, Texas. At least fifteen were injured in the fertilizer plant explosion and more are still missing. Many homes were also dest...

XBox One Introduction

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Pakistani President in Custody

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Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has been taken into custody for crimes committed between 1997 and 2007.

Iron Man 3 Official Trailer

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Boston Bomber “Good Athlete”

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While the act may have been atrocious, the Boston bomber's boxing coach thinks he was a good athlete.

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