Many people, due to their low Esteem and confidence, tend to think. That they are ugly and they are not worthy of anything beautiful. Seeing other people beautiful, they get more insecure and conscious about themselves. They never take a step out of their house or never going into social gatherings that may affect their thinking. They feel ugly and not worthy enough to present themselves at such gatherings with pretty people.

Why do people are like that? 

They have faced certain situations and projections with a plain reason that they are not worthy just because they are born that way. Our society is very cruel for setting beautifying standards for people who are different and distinct in the whole universe. There is no rationality in setting aesthetic standards with different people worldwide as one definition of who is beautiful and who is not?

Everyone is born that way. No one can change what God has given to them. People are so desperate that discoveries like plastic surgery and face change surgery have been discovered over time. Instead of taking everyone as beautiful, society has made the standard of plastic surgery for copying the person of other genetic inferior to them as same which is unjust to the people born this Way.

Humankind started a wrong practice, and to make it right, they have discovered a new wrong method of so-called expensive plastic surgeries. This makes people more desperate, and they also tend to feel poor because they can’t afford plastic surgery, making them more insecure and Broke about themselves. The way they even exist in this world when there is no reason to live by just being ugly and poor.

How can the ‘am I ugly’ quiz help you?

Many people nowadays tend to think. That they are ugly and not pretty enough to present themselves at gatherings is because of their low self-esteem and confidence. That society has brought these standards much higher, and expecting which in this state is completely irrational and unjust. Many people are suffering from depression just because they don’t match the extravagant societal Standards. 

It is very hurtful to see people mocking people just because they are different or have different assets. People are constantly hurting their low self-esteem by being rude and ignoring their talent. It is a sad reality but in the profession. The face is the most important asset of people, such as acting, Modelling, and anchoring. People tend to reject talented people just because they are ugly or, in some sense, have different assets than others that do not justify a beauty standard.

Nowadays, many things are Revolutionary, and the beauty standards are changing. People are starting to acknowledge that everyone is different and beautiful. But, we have a long way to go.

Final Thoughts

If you still think that you are ugly. Then you must check out if you are ugly by taking the quiz that we have. Every person has an inner beauty unique to them, and there is no kind of definition attached to it. One should be very humble and respectful to others defining their inner beauty at its best.