If your bathroom’s décor is looking dated and is in need of a serious update, do not put it off any longer. You can update your bathroom’s look without having to completely gut it. Here is your chance to show off your existing DIY talents or develop those talents you did not know you had!

Before you start ripping the bathroom apartment apart, begin with a plan and ask yourself a few questions such as: What style do I like? What’s my budget? When can I get this done? How good are my DIY skills?

Updating paint colors, lights, and fixtures storage will go a long way to giving you the bathroom you deserve without having to cost you a fortune. The majority of these projects can be done in less than three days, and with only a few tools, you’ll be able to knock off most of the following projects in no time.


Begin with taking everything you own out of the cupboards, medicine cabinet, linen closet etc., and purge yourself of unneeded items. After the purging is done and you have the items you absolutely need, start thinking about how you want to store your essentials in your new bathroom.

Tying in your storage solutions will add to the bathroom’s décor and create a complete package. Some ideas for storage and style include storing linens, toiletries in small wicker baskets, or increasing storage with a stylish over the toilet cabinet.


Paint – A new coat of paint is the easiest way to improve the look of your new bathroom. When selecting paint opt for satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes because they are designed to withstand moisture. If you want a more soothing look in your bathroom look for light blues, greens and even some shades of purple. If you want a more vibrant feel then reds, darker blues and yellow will make a bold statement. If your style is more sophisticated, then look for challenging colors such as browns and creams.

Pattern – Painting is not the only way to make statements in your bathroom’s design. Have an artistic urge and want to express yourself? Try stenciling. You can design your own pattern, search for one online, or find one at the local home improvement store.

Adding wallpaper is another example of giving your room depth. Wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and designs, and it can give your room a clean fresh look. Bathrooms can get steamy so be sure to purchase extra adhesive for the seams to prevent moisture from lifting the paper.

Another tip for a warm elegant touch is to install chair rails or wood paneling on the walls. Both of these can create visual interest on the walls, and with complementary colors, they will give the bathroom an added touch of class.


Lighting is one of the most important changes you can make in a bathroom. After all, you want people to actually see what you’re doing. Take a step back, look at your current lighting situation and address strengths and weakness. Look at the position of the lights, what kind of lights you have and the overall brightness.

Some ways to address the lighting situation is changing the current light bulbs to a bulb with a higher wattage, changing the light fixtures or a different type of light for example, pot lights. Take into consideration that brighter lights are better for in front of the mirror and less harsh lights are better for the rest of the room.


The fixtures in the bathroom should coordinate not only to your bathroom’s style but also to each other. Look at the style/finish of the shower head, faucets, soap dish, drawer, hardware and select a uniform style for all of them. Replacing all of these items with a similar look will give your bathroom a cohesive feeling and give the room an extra touch of class. Updating these items is easy: they come with handy installation instructions, and in no time, you’ll have all new fixtures!


The floors take a lot of punishment and updating them will make a big impact in your new style. Changing the floors can vary from adding new bath mats to replacing the floor all together. Three of the most common choices are tile, cork, and peel/stick vinyl tiles or vinyl floors. Whatever flooring option you chose make sure they are resistant to moisture.


Mirrors: Customize your mirror to the look that you’re going for. For a few dollars, you can add a nice decorative molding and re-frame the mirror you already have. If you have left over chair rail then use the remaining pieces as the frame for the mirror.

Vanity: The drawers take a beating from moisture and use, but fortunately, they can be refinished. If they are made from laminated wood – most of them are then you can either re-laminated them or repainted to whatever color you want. The local home improvement store can provide you with special primer – a flat, white fast drying paint that is designed to seal stains and make allow you to paint on slick surfaces. Add two coats of your paint color and it’s done.


Adding finishes touches such as changing the linens, shower curtain, bathrobes and adding artwork will put the final touches on the look you want.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started on planning your bathroom’s renovations. All of the above ideas above you can do on our own and most of the projects can be finished in a weekend. If you’re working within a tight budget then keep an eye out for sales of building materials to help stretch your budget even farther.