Botox is more popular for controlling facial wrinkles for a longer period paralyzing the facial muscles. But botox is not limited to this facility only, and it has a greater perspective. Botox can also be used to treat conditions like cervical dystonia (neck spasms), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), lazy eyes, or an overactive bladder and prevent chronic migraines. Very few information is in news regarding the treatment procedure among common people. You must get to know about the variety of botox benefits in detail to get a complete idea about the concept. 

What is Botox?

Botox is a medicine available in different forms to reduce or prevent facial wrinkles for a certain period and other positive outcomes. It consists of a toxin that is also used in food poisoning. The medicine gets produced by bacterium clostridium botulinum A. What is most important about this toxin in Botox therapy is the amount needed to provide you the required advantage. 

The toxin also produces the microbe that is the reason behind botulism, which is also responsible for food positioning. Though multiple other drugs can also be used for the same results, Botox was the first in this list which made its contribution in a significant way to ensure that the wrinkles are getting affected in the desired way with the correct dose, which can differ from person to person. 

This is why you need to consult a professional and experienced doctor before deciding. It would be best if you had proper diagnosis, as doctor can only confirm what dose you would require and for how long. If you need to take a break among the doses, how long will it take? Also, it would be best to make sure that whether injection is suitable for you. Generally, doctors prefer to inject the toxin into the specified area for best results. You have to make certain; that you are getting a complete Botox treatment from quality clinic with an experienced doctor. 

Nine surprising uses of Botox 

Botox is effective for numerous medical and cosmetic conditions. Medical experts have been considering this as an answer to countless conditions, and the research is on to get details of more innovations. It has been in use for more than 3-4 decades now, and people consider this almost synonymous with cosmetic treatment. But it has other therapeutic benefits as well. Let’s get into the details- 

  1. Chronic Migraine is a condition or disorder that is quite common among people of different ages. Doctors tried and tested Botox on patients suffering from severe headache, and they got success in 2010, when Botox was approved as a treatment for chronic migraine. 
  2. Patients getting facial botox were found to be sweating less at their underarms. This alerted the practitioners, and they worked on the issue, and started experimenting how effective is Botox in treating or controlling excessive underarms sweat. This condition is medically known as severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis. This therapy has got approval of the authorities’ way back in 2004. Some people also get this therapy for sweating hands and feet. 
  3. Experts have mentioned that Botox is one of the most significant and effective treatments for overactive bladder. The common clients looking for facial botox have reported less leakage after undergoing the therapy. But you have to be very careful while getting this therapy, because the wrong amount of Botox can harm you adversely. 
  4. You must be aware of the eye disorder namely strabismus, that is commonly known as Crossed eyes. In simple terms, both the eyes don’t line up in the same direction in this condition. Botox has become approved for treating this condition long ago, though very few people must know about this till now. 
  5. There is still some confusion and debate going on, still a group of practitioners has claimed that Botox can be useful for treating patients with depression. Rather it may help to alleviate some of the symptoms of depression in specific patients. Facial feedback hypothesis is the procedure or approach that the experts take for this treatment. Clinical trial regarding this solution is still going on, and soon the results will be available. 
  6. Do you know Botox can treat or at least help in treating the condition of premature ejaculation? In this therapy, the Botox is injected straight into penis to help the muscles relax and slow the ejaculation process. Depending on the success of this treatment, the company Botox has taken a patent on treating erectile dysfunction, and trails are on the way. Another condition may get added to this list very soon. 
  7. Though abnormal heartbeat can happen for multiple reasons, Botox has been found effective for specific conditions after open-heart surgeries among patients. Medically, the condition is known as postoperative artificial fibrillation. The abnormal heartbeat pattern can get reduced and normalized with proper botox treatment from leading professional doctors. 
  8. You must know someone in your family or friends circle who tend cold hands. Some suffer from severely cold hands, and adequate Botox can treat this condition effectively. This has been proven medically as in this case the injection is pushed into the hands, and the muscles of the hand get relaxed, to accelerate the constricted blood vessels that cause the poor blood circulation in the entire hand. 
  9. Authorities have approved Botox as a treatment to be used as a frown line between two eye brows way back in 2000. The disorder of neck spasm is medically known as cervical dystonia. Characteristic of this condition is extreme pain in the neck and unnatural head position. Both gets somewhat normalized with the use of right amount of Botox. 

The list of botox benefits has become never-ending. More and more specialties or advantages are increasing each day with more innovation and clinical trials. Now, the concept of Botox and cosmetic treatment is not the only aspect people should know and try, but there are a lot more to explore and get benefitted from.