If you are a woman and you are in your 40s or 50s, you may be experiencing significant changes in your body, such as the end of the period. If you do not have menstruation in the last year, then you have menopause; in this condition, your ovaries are not able to make eggs and produce less estrogen and progesterone. These are the types of hormones that play an important role in pregnancy. This kind of change in the level of hormones may cause menopause symptoms.

As a result, post-menopausal women cannot get pregnant. There are some symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, skin flushing, night sweats, problems in sleeping, no or less interest in sex, developing forgetfulness, headaches, suffering from mood swings, vaginal dryness, and painful sexual intercourse. In this article, you will learn vital tips if you are thinking about the beginning of hormone therapy.

Consider these things before choosing HRT

  • Consult with the doctor

The treatment depends on several factors related to your health. First, you must consult with your doctors, such as your age, current medical situation, level and type of menopausal symptoms, and your family medical history. This information will help your doctor to choose the best therapy and medications for your treatment.

This is not clear at present how long you must take hormone therapies. However, some experts suggest that you can take these for a more extended period if you do not have any other medical conditions. So you should keep yourself aware and updated about your medical conditions and when to stop taking these therapies.

  • Educate yourself

It would be best to educate yourself properly about the types of hormone therapies and other alternative options. Check the suitable hormone therapies according to your symptoms and health conditions. You must know about all the benefits and risks of these therapies. You can read articles and reviews about HRT. There are many verified and licensed specialists available, which you can consult online as well. You can also take non-hormone medicines if you have minimal symptoms. So check about that also.

You must know what you will need to begin the hormone therapies. For instance, a referral letter from a licensed mental health provider is required to start such treatments in many cases.

  • Don’t opt for HRT with such medical conditions or history

Do not go for hormone replacement therapies if you have physical conditions like blood clots or thrombosis, high blood pressure and uncontrolled hypertension, heart strokes and related diseases, uterine cancer, memory loss, diabetes, and breast or gallbladder cancer. And if you are in pregnancy or have a chance to get pregnant soon, do not take HRT medicines.

  • Common mistakes you should avoid

Many women make this common mistake of gathering information about hormone therapy for women from unreliable resources and start to think that these medicines are safe. Avoid these kinds of errors, and better consult with the professionals. Unlicensed or inexpensive medication may worsen your condition and give you unwanted results. Never take any kind of hormone medicines without the prescription and consultation of a doctor.

  • Some other essential things you should know

Hormone replacement therapies are expensive; thus, you will need health or medical to cover the cost. So you must know about your insurance company’s policies if it covers the cost of these treatments or not. Or, if it does not cover the cost, you have to act accordingly.

If you have any symptoms related to menopause, you must contact your doctor, and then you can start the hormone therapies if you need that. But make sure to consider all the tips mentioned above before taking the therapies.