With so many different styles and finishes in kitchen cabinets it can be hard to decide which one is right for your kitchen. There are different makes to consider, types of wood, finish, framed or frameless doors, hidden or exposed hinges, plus countless other design features. Some of the features can easily hike up the price of your cabinets. So which one is the perfect choice for you?

Without doubt the overall appearance of your new kitchen will be dominated by your kitchen cabinetry. The exposed fronts of the cabinets are likely to take up at last one continuous wall of your kitchen and will define the character of your kitchen more than any other item. When looking to buy kitchen cabinets there are several factors to consider:

Modern or traditional

What sort of look appeals to you. Do you prefer traditional such as shaker kitchen cabinets or do you like something more contemporary such as discount cabinets coupled with brushed stainless steel appliance. Do you envisage your kitchen having the look of deep recessed doors and ornate molding, or do the sleek European style frameless cabinets appeal more.

Style of house

Some people will tell you that a traditional styled older property needs to have a traditional kitchen to boot, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes an eclectic mix of older styled cabinets or a dresser can look stunning when mixed with modern cabinetry too. On the flip side, modern properties do look better with sleek contemporary styles which don’t have to be made from wood. Modern day laminates are bang on trend and feature exotic woods, colours and textures whilst other materials such as bamboo or stainless steel can give your kitchen the real wow factor.

Price range

Kitchen cabinets come in a wide price range and if you’re looking to be spending a long time in your current property then it wouldn’t be a bad decision to choose custom cabinetry which is at the top end of cabinetry. This way you can have exactly what you want in the way of bespoke cabinets to fit whatever size and shape of kitchen that you have. However, if you are on a budget then there are plenty of other options available to you. If you buy kitchen cabinets online you will often find they are cheaper because online stores don’t have the overheads of bricks and mortar stores. You also get a great choice under one roof and it is relatively easy to conduct your own price comparison before buying ( Ready to assemble cabinets) are another way of saving money and are great if you’re a handyman. Just remember to check out the specifications of any cabinets you buy to ensure that the cabinet box is made from either solid wood or a mixture of wood and plywood. Avoid MDF at all costs, since this will warp and sag over time.

So to sum it up, decide on modern or traditional, fancy or simple, and work out a realistic budget that you can afford. Armed with these factors, you can then whittle down your choices so get the kitchen you have always dreamed of.