Micro-needling is a skin treatment that has been increasingly used across the world. It involves using a derma roller or needle to create micro-cavities on the top layer of cells on the skin. This procedure stimulates new collagen in addition to elastin production and can heal scarring, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues and improve elasticity. The treatments usually take 10-20 minutes and have few side effects, with patients having smoother, less wrinkled skin after the first treatment.

This procedure should be performed by a professional who has had training in this field. Unlike lasers which are more intense treatments, micro-needling is much gentler on your skin while being more effective. But here are some of the points you can consider before conducting the process. Also you can easily find out best microneedling pen for professional use online.

Wash Your Face

Micro-needling should be done on an oil-free face. So if you usually use moisturizer, you may want to stop the day before your procedure. It is also a good idea to exfoliate your skin the night before any dead skin cells are gone. If you are worried about removing too much skin, try this trick: exfoliate only once a week instead of every day.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tools

Many salons and spas have derma rollers that can be used for micro-needling, but some patients prefer to take home the roller and do their treatments because it is not economical to purchase them frequently. If you are going to be performing your treatments, make sure you have the right tools. If you choose to take your roller home, make sure it is new to sterile and clean. You should not reuse needles after using them once.

Don’t Do This If You Are Pregnant or Have Cancer

It is not recommended that pregnant women undergo micro-needling treatment because they may absorb more medication into their system than normal, and their unborn child might also be affected. Cancer patients may want to avoid this procedure because too many wounds on the skin can increase the risk of infection.

Don’t Do This if You Have A History of Infertility or Cancer

This facial treatment may not be safe for people with an increased cancer risk. Since micro-needling stimulates new collagen production, it is best to first discuss any concerns or changes to your skin with your physician before undergoing this procedure if you risk getting cancer due to family history or other health conditions.

Avoid Doing It at NightTime

The best time to perform your micro-needling treatment is when your skin is moist and pliable. This will help your skin to heal better. You might want to schedule an appointment at night instead of during the day. You should also avoid sun exposure before or after the procedure.

Don’t Do It Too Often

Micro-needling causes tiny wounds on the skin, open to infections and bleeding if handled incorrectly. You may want to stick with once a month or bi-monthly treatments depending on your needs and how long it takes for your skin to recover between sessions. Some people have reported that micro-needling helps improve the texture of their skin after a session.